Jarmara the legless dog: 34 of the weirdest pets from historical witch trials

Witch Court Reporter (@witchcourt) is a twitter account which “live” tweets some of the stranger details of historical witch trials. Using contemporary sources from the 16th and 17th Century, witch court’s “reporter”, Richard Osmond, curates a rolling feed of historically-fascinating hubble, bubble toil and trouble.

If you follow this spooky account for any length of time, one thing becomes very clear: witches love animals – both ordinary animals kept as pets and bizarre monsters kept for their magickal abilities. And the names these witches choose for their companions are… pretty weird.

So whether you’re an apprentice sorcerer in search of a familiar in time for Halloween, or a hipster wanting a retro name for your new wire-haired wiener dog, check out these 34 examples of @witchcourt’s wildest witch-pets.


1: A shapeshifting cat-toad named Satan


2: Three spirits named Great Dick, Little Dick and Willet


3: A clingy imp named Tom


4: A defenestrating dog named Bunne


5: A fat, legless hariy dog named Jarmara


6: A greyhound with the head of an ox named Vinegar Tom


7: A black rabbit named “Sack & Sugar”


8: A soup-loving white dog named Elimanzer


9: Three genital-sucking imps named Wynowe, Jeso and Panu


10: A grey kite named Tomboy


11: Three genital lumps named Littleman, Pretty-man and Dainty


12: Rug.


13: A mouse-thing and a yellow cat-thing named Susan and Besse, respectively


14: A trio of black moles named Susan, Amie and Margaret


15: Two moles named Jack and Prickeare and an unimaginatively-named frog named Frog


16: Three mice named James, Prickeare and Robyn, and an unimaginatively-named sparrow named Sparrow


17: Two helpful devils named Tibbe and Fancie


18: A brown ghost dog named Ball


19: A murderous dog named Dandy


20: A ‘kitlin’ and a ‘moldiwarp’ named Puss and Hiss


21: A disgruntled cat named Rutterkin


22: A shapeshifting brown chicken called ‘the thing’


23: Six chickens named Pluck, Catch, White, Smack, Smack and Smack


24: An enigmatic devil named HARDNAME


25: A devil dog named George and a devil woman named Jezzabel


26: A bloodthirsty cat named Gille


27: An equally bloodthirsty kitten named Ginnie


28: A bloodthirsty rat named Philip


29: A jailbreak accomplice named Bunne


30: A malicious white puppy named Lilly


31: An equally malicious black puppy named Priscill


32: A cattle-killing puppy named Pretty


33: A cat with a particular set of skills named Tiffy


34: And lastly, the 17th Century version of pet rocks: a log and a stick named Beelzebub and Trullibub

To read more insanity from the world of historical witch trials, go to twitter.com/witchcourt


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